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Vending and Advertising at Con of the North 2016

Vendor Spaces

Vendor Spaces for Con of the North 2016 are not currently available. Please check back later!

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Advertising for Con of the North 2016 is not currently available. Please check back later!

Flyer Stuffing

TypeCostFlyers Required
Events Book Packets$501000
Placed on Freebie TableFree!Your choice.

We can distribute flyers in our events book or place them on our Freebie table at the con. The deadline for us to receive your flyers is February 8, 2016.

If you have any questions about flyers, email us.

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  • Big Soft D -  Stuffed dice of all sizes, dice shaped dice bags.
  • Chip Theory Games - www.chiptheorygames.com - Chip Theory Games are back with their new Hoplomachus [ha-ploh-ma-kuss] - Rise of Rome release!  Hoplo is a hex-based team-tactics board game set inside a gladiatorial arena.  Choose from 5 cities with unique units and abilities and face off in a solo, co-op or versus battle!  This Year choose from: Training Ground Tournament for exclusive game prizes, Rise of Rome face-off with the Titans, or a 4 player co-op battle in the Pizzouli Arena!
  • Columbia Games - www.columbiagames.com  - Columbia Games has for over 40 years produced the highest quality re-playable, historical wargames and highest quality, detailed, and consistent fantasy world.  Stop by and let us show you some of the best.
  • Creative Revolutions - www.legendsofchaos.com - Legends of Chaos is a new fast paced multiplayer role playing card game where you the player/gamer will have the opportunity of choosing to be one of seven very powerful warriors who are all competing for the legendary Books of Chaos.
  • Dragonrose Designs - www.DragonroseDesigns.com - Whimsical Hand sculpted dragons, Fairy and fantasy figurines and sculpted accessories.  Demon, Dragon and Fairy Hair accessories.  Fantasy art prints, cards, jewelry, magnets, and badge holders.
  • Floodgate Games - www.floodgategames.com - Minnesota-based publisher of table-top games. Epic Resort - a Deck Evolution and Worker Placement game for 2 to 4 players.  Build your resort, lure in heroes, try to keep your tourists alive!  Legacy: Gears of Time - A Strategic Card Game of Time Travel and Technology.
  • Hell on Wheels Travelling Hobby Shop -  - New and used Board games, RPG, card games, steampunk watches, jewelry & oriental goodies.
  • Lady Dragon's Treasures -  - Lady Dragon crafts hand-made jewelry that is sure to please the gaming widow, or widower, or minion in your life.  Custom orders can be made at the convention.  Check out the games we sponsor for a chance at Gift Certificates for the booth.
  • Level Up Games - www.levelupgamesmn.com - Board & card games of all types.
  • Midwest Miniature Guy - www.facebook.com/MidwestMiniatureGuy - Miniature painting & Illustration services.  Custom painted figures for roleplaying games, wargames, and display.
  • Prolific Games - www.prolificgames.net - A small Minnesota based company attempting world domination through board games.
  • Source Comics & Games - www.sourcecandg.com - Games - Games - Games - More Games & other stuff.
  • Village Games - www.villagegames.net -  Village Games is a game retailer in the North Metro specializing in all sorts of tabletop games and accessories.  Our booth at Con of the North will have a wide selection of board games, miniatures, and more available for browsing.  Stop by to check out the information about out upcoming new location.


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Advertisers and Con Supporters

...will be added after submissions are received.

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Event Sponsors

Vendors and advertisers are invited to run and/or sponsor games during the convention. This is a great way to connect with the local gaming community. Please see the Judging page for more details about options.

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