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Updated December 22nd, 2015

Vending and Advertising at Con of the North 2016

Vendor Spaces

All Vendor Spaces for Con of the North 2016 is currently taken, no more space is available.

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Advertising for Con of the North 2016 is not currently available. Please check back later!

Flyer Stuffing

TypeCostFlyers Required
Events Book Packets$501000
Placed on Freebie TableFree!Your choice.

We can distribute flyers in our events book (if received prio to November 1, 2015) or place them on our Freebie table at the con. The deadline for us to receive your flyers is February 6, 2016.

If you have any questions about flyers, email us.

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  • Adam’s Apple Games, LLC
    • Self-published games for purchase includes Brewin’ USA. Upcoming games for preview or demo.
  • Big SoftD
    • Big SoftD is committed to bringing you quality handmade plush dice in a variety of fabrics and sizes as well as bags. The dice are are perfect novelties for gamers of all ages. They also make the perfect first set of dice for the litter gamer in your household. We even have catnip dice for your feline family members (sorry we cannot guarantee any of products are safe for dogs).
  • Chip Theory Games
    • Chip Theory Games is focused on publishing board games to promote learning, creative thinking, and family fun! From custom dice to neoprene mates to 12.5g chips, CTG will always feature games with premium components and gameplay. Come play our award winning squad tactic game, Hoplomachus – as well as our latest dice-builder, Too Many Bones!
  • Dragonrose Designs
    • Whimsical hand sculpted figurines, accessories, fantasy horns, and prints.
  • Fight in a Box
    • Fight in a box is a tiny local indie-game company. We have our game “Squirrel or Die” to sell at the Con. Our big push at Con of the North would be getting people to try the game we’re Kickstarting in February which is “End of the Line” – a game of post-apocalyptic family survival.
  • Floodgate Games
    • We make games that are thematic, engaging and fun!
  • Great Northern Games
    • Local game company who produces Crowns and Axes as well as Noble Treachery.
  • Hell on Wheels Traveling Hobby Shop
    • New and vintage used boardgames, RPGs, and card games. Dice and dice bags including chain mail, media jewelry and pocket watches.
  • Lady Dragon’s Treasures
    • Handmade dead jewelry. Custom pieces made at the convention.
  • Level Up Games
    • Board games and card games.
  • Long and the short of it: Wargaming & Miniatures
    • Custom terrain, custom miniatures, and extras for any gamer.
  • Midwest Miniature Guy
    • Full service, custom, hand painted miniatures for gaming, display, and/or gifts. Painting Demos happening all day during the con.
  • Prolific Games
    • A Minnesota company doing it's best to blend fun, family, friends and gaming into a position of AWESOMENESS!
  • Sagemoon Arts
    • Original paintings in watercolor and colored pencil, I also make pins and necklaces that are all individually drawn, colored, and assembled. With a resin coat over the surface to help protect the image, and locking back so they don't fall off. I have over 100 designs, ranging from video games, anime, fantasy, and super heros.
  • Source Comics and Games
    • Games will be demoed during all opening hours of the Vendors area! Come and learn new games and meet new friends!


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Advertisers and Con Supporters

  • Anime Fusion
    • October 21-23, 2016. Ramada Mall of America, Bloomington MN
    • Anime Fusion is dedicated to bringing the classic favorites of anime back into the spotlight alongside the newest titles fresh from Japan. In all areas of our convention, we're doing our best to honor new releases and retro hits equally to create an event that everyone can enjoy.
  • FloodGate Games
    • Vault Wars - When heroes are slain, their treasure-filled storage vaults are abandoned and put up for auction. As an aspiring hero, you must outbid your opponents to win these auctions and acquire the gear you need. Will you triumph by collecting a chest of gems and artifacts, or go home with a trunk full of junk? Outbid, out-bluff, and master the auctions to be victorious in Vault Wars.
  • Columbia Games
    • In the Last Spike, players cooperate to build a continuous railway from St. Louis to Sacramento. Different routes are possible and some towns never get a railway link. Each player also competes to accumulate the most money from land speculation before the "last spike" is played.
  • Fight In A Box
    • Located in Minneapolis, Fight in a box strives to craft board games that ignite rambunctious fun.
  • Source Comics and Games
    • Games will be demoed during all opening hours of the Vendors area! Come and learn new games and meet new friends!
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Event Sponsors

  • First Minnesota Historical Wargaming Society
    • First Minnesota Historical Wargaming Society is the oldest board gaming group in the Twin Cities area. We play war games, train games, Euro games and other strategic board games. We meet every Friday at the Source at 7pm. We also host special events. Our website is www.firstmn.org
  • Chess & Strategy Game Association
    • The Chess & Strategy Game Associationn (CSGA) exists to provide opportunities for young players to get together to learn new games, strategies, and tactics at open events and competitions. We also promote a growing community of chess and strategy game players that value learning, teaching, and fun through playing games that foster creativity, analysis, socialization, fair play, mental challenges, and connectedness. We play chess and so much more!  Find us at csgame.org.
  • Real-Time Enterprises
    • Providing network services and in the case... games for Con of the North.
  • Saturday Night Space Opera
    • Saturday Night Space Opera is a game event held monthly at Source Comics and Games in Roseville, Minnesota (nestled between Saint Paul and Minneapolis). We get together to seek out strange new worlds and civilizations, use the force, find the droids, and guard the galaxy through roleplaying, board, and other tabletop games. We're always looking for new players and game masters to join our ranks.
  • Winona RPSIG Alums
    • We are the group of gamers who are all long time members of Winona RPSIG, and many of us were at times executive board members. Sadly, RPSIG was absorbed by WSU VGC (video games club). We still hold to its basic ideals of social gaming, teaching new gamers, and positively promoting gaming in all forms. We recognize what Winona RPSIG gave to each of us and honor its memory while recognizing that a torch has passed. We are the WINONA RPSIG ALUMS!
  • Games on Demand
    • Providing Indie games you want to try out!
  • Terrain Specialties
    • Terrain Specialties makes high quality war gaming terrain and has been hosting a wide variety of miniatures games and events at Con of the North since 1995.  In addition to running the popular Con of the North Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader Tournament since 2002, Terrain Specialties also coordinates specialty events such as the Con of the North Painting Contest and the Speed Painting Contest.

Vendors and advertisers are invited to run and/or sponsor games during the convention. This is a great way to connect with the local gaming community. Please see the Judging page for more details about options.

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